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Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Successkey98- Online Educational Platform for banking, SSC and railway preparation. Our website, and mobile application (app id: are provided by Team Successkey98. The Successkey98's registered office is at 42/10, Appaji arcade, Thindal, Erode, Tamil Nadu, India - 638012. These terms of use are published according to the Information Technology Act,2000. These terms of use are a legal boundation between you and the team Successkey98 to govern all aspects of your use of the official website and mobile application. Please read the given Terms and Conditions carefully. You agree to be bound by these terms of use by downloading any material, information or availing any functions of the Successkey98.


If you accept the terms of use while going through our website you are bound under the terms of use policies of the organisation. Registering, Sharing, downloading or using any of the features of the website or application comes under this category. The usage policies are also extended to the Successkey98 copyright and privacy policy. If you disagree with the terms of use of the organization you should discontinue using the features of Successkey98.


You can only agree to the Terms of Usage if you are eligible to enter the contract. By signing the agreement you are confirming that you are legally eligible and assure that

  • You are in a state of mind to make a decision.
  • You are legally permitted to sign the agreement and accept the terms of use
  • You do not have any active legal cases.
  • You are not a minor or are using it under supervision of an adult.

How to Register an Account?

If you wish to register yourself to the Successkey98 platform, you have to create an account. The account can be created by inserting your email id and setting up a unique password. While creating the account you will have to accept our terms of use and privacy policy. You are advised to either remember these details or use the autosave feature available on the website. After successfully creating an account, in future you can just login to access your Successkey98's official account. If any discrepancy is found in the account details or user is found in breach of this agreement Successkey98 has the authority to take necessary action against that account.

Restriction on Account

The restriction can be imposed on the user’s account if any discrepancies are found in terms of account details. Successkey98 reserves the right to restrict or block your usage to the site or deactivate your account. Any strict action can be taken by the officials against the user. The organization also reserves the right to terminate your paid account services.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property includes sole ownership of the officials over the content, user interface, videos, images and design on the website. Intellectual property rights include laws related to copyrights, trade secrets and trademarks. Any violation against the terms of use or intellectual property rights will lead to serious actions against the violator. Successkey98 may take legal action against the offender for violating the terms of use agreement. According to this agreement no individual can reuse the content or images of the website without permission by the officials. Successkey98 only allow the candidates limited access to the content on the site. The user has permission to visit the site through their laptops or mobile phones. The individual is not allowed to change, transfer or modify the content or images displayed on the website. Successkey98 is an educational platform and it can be used for educational purposes only. Usage of any other kind is strictly prohibited and can lead to penalties/ charges against the offender. If any individual is uploading any text, image or design Successkey98 holds the authority over the uploaded content to use it unconditionally anywhere in future. The deactivation of the account of any user does not mean to discontinue the uploaded content.

Advertisements and Promotions

On our official website there can be advertisements available of other organizations promoting their products and services. Successkey98 holds no responsibility for any interaction between the parties and any user. Purchase of goods or services done through these advertisements by an individual is not guaranteed by the Successkey98 platform. If anyone suffers any loss in their purchase they cannot hold our firm responsible for it. Successkey98 is not legally bound to any obligation.

Links to other Websites

Successkey98 platforms consists of blogs on various examinations and their preparation strategies. These blogs include important information regarding examinations of banking, SSC and railway sector. These blogs or any other services provided by us may possess links to other websites for deep understanding of the examination related information. The Terms of use agreed upon by the user does not apply to these other websites. Successkey98 holds no responsibility of user experience on the third party websites.


When you visit or interact with the Platform, apart from Successkey98 certain third party advertisers and/or service providers may use technologies that automatically collect information about you for both transactional (e.g., confirmation of registration, notification of purchase made, etc.) and promotional (e.g., promotions, newsletters, etc.) purposes. Your information may be collected by Successkey98 or such third party advertisers and/or service providers in the following ways:-

Log Files: Every time you visit the Platform, Successkey98 servers automatically receive and log information from your browser and device used to access the Platform (such as IP address, device ID, details of your network operator and type, your operating system, browser type and version, CPU speed, and connection speed). This enables us to validate you as a User, to understand your usage of the Platform and helps us to make changes and updates most suited to your needs and interests.

Mobile Device: When you register your mobile device or use the mobile device to access the App, In addition to the aforesaid, Successkey98 will also collect device information such as mobile device ID, model and manufacturer details, operating system etc. for improving the App’s overall functionality and displaying the content according to your preferences.

Cookies: Cookies are data files placed on your device, used to keep track of information such as your interaction with social media websites, the content you click on, download, upload or share and other activity on the Platform etc. in order to improve your experience of the Platform by personalizing it to your preferences and usage trends.

Mobile Analytics: Mobile analytics software is used by Successkey98 to better understand and customize the functionality of the App’s software on your phone. This is done by collecting information such as your frequency of the App’s usage, the features you prefer to use on the App, where the App was downloaded from, Device Id, name of other mobile applications on your device, etc.

Payment /Purchase Information: In order to access certain paid features and services on the Platform, you may be required to create or log into a separate account on a payment gateway or website such as "Razorpay". Once such an account is created, in order to process your payments/ purchases on the Platform, such payment gateway provider may require and collect your details such as name, address, phone number, email address and credit or debit card information, net banking information or details of any web wallets maintained by you. Any/all payment(s) made/processed or details provided to or shared with such authorized payment gateway providers shall be stored directly by such payment gateway providers without any information passing through or relayed to Successkey98. Successkey98 assumes no liability in respect of such payments and/or information shared with or provided to such authorized payment gateway providers. It is further clarified that the aforementioned information is only used in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law and in strict adherence to this Privacy Policy.

Public Forums: Any information that is disclosed by you in the comments section or by way of the “create a post” feature, becomes published information and Successkey98 shall not be held liable for the security of the same or any personal information that you disclose herein. You agree to exercise caution when disclosing any personal information or personally identifiable information in this regard.

Please note that we only use the aforesaid information to communicate with and/or improve the Service and to better understand our users' operating systems, for system administration and to audit the use of the Service. We do not use any of the aforesaid data to identify the name, address or other personal details of any individual.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, any passwords, financial information such as credit or debit card details or other payment instrument details and any additional information prescribed by law to be sensitive that may be collected by Successkey98 during your use of the Platform and the Services provided thereon, shall be referred to as "Sensitive Personal Data or Information". we assure that we will not share any of your personal data or informations to any third parties or any one.

Mobile App Permissions

We are getting App Permissions like Storage, Camera, Microphone to read ebooks, Download Study Material download such as PDF, ebooks, images and Offline Video Download purpose only. We are not using this app permissions for any other purposes. we assure that we will not share any of your informations to any third parties or any one.


At Successkey98, we do not ensure that this Platform will be liberated from mistakes or errors. You recognize that this Website might be influenced by blackouts, blames or postponements. Such blackouts, blames or postponements might be brought about by factors, incorporating specialized troubles with the exhibition or activity of our or someone else's product, gear or frameworks, traffic or specialized issues with the Internet or foundation disappointments.Any member of team Successkey98 holds no responsibility for any damage or loss.


We maintain privacy of our users according to terms of use agreement. User satisfaction is our prime motto. We will not share your history of your activities on the website or your username and password to anyone. These are maintained as maximum secrecy. The following privacy policy is being published in accordance with the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (“IT ACT”), Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines) Rules, 2011, Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011.


According to the copyright policy, if any individual is not happy with the way his content is being used on our site he/she can contact our officials. Successkey98 have recruited experienced officials to look into and solve these matters. If you have identified any of our users infringing your content, you are requested to these officials. We at Successkey98 have strict policies to ensure fair use of resources.


There are many exam-oriented products and services endorsed by team Successkey98 available on our website. Any individual opting for any of these must keep in mind that there shall be no refund given to the features once subscribed. In any case if Successkey98 fails to fulfill its commitment refund or replacement can be done. The refund in these cases generally takes 7-10 working days.

Changes to the terms of use

Successkey98 can change or update any of the mentioned terms and conditions. Your acceptance to these terms and conditions will be continued till your usage of our website. Candidates are advised to check for the updates to these rules and regulations on our websites. The latest goods and services are also updated based on these terms and conditions.

Laws and Jurisdiction

The Terms of Use mentioned above are protected under the laws of Indian Penal Code. In case of any legal actions to be taken they will be under the jurisdiction of courts of Tamil Nadu, India.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, do drop an email at [email protected] with “Terms and Conditions” in the subject line.

Last update on 18th Aug 2021